My condition remains the same

Not much really to say that’s different from the last time I posted. I continue to be hit non-stop in the face and hands with chemical irritants of various sorts, day and night and sometimes even in my sleep causing me to wake up. Sleep is very hard to come by without pharmaceutical aid.

There is not much I can do about breathing the stuff in, I do have to breath after all. I can however, wash the chemicals off of my skin using a large natural sponge that I carry around in a  round Coleman hot beverage thermos filled with either hot or cold water.  It leaks if tipped over but can be carried with me everywhere I go which is usually necessary. If I don’t wash the irritants off their toxic effects become cumulative. When I do wash them off however, I am dosed again at the most inconvenient moment, like when I’ve put my glasses back on and dried off etc., requiring me to immediately do it all over again.There has to be some bio-monitoring technology that alerts the perpetrator as to my dosage level and the chemicals are re-applied accordingly.  It is hard for me not to imagine that this dosage maintenance is accomplished by some sort of remotely located machine or AI but not always, sometimes it is done manually as I can “hear” human speech commenting.

I am not speaking to the un-initiated here, if this is your first time reading anything like this then it must undoubtedly sound crazy. This is, for the most part, common knowledge however, to almost all Targeted Individuals and Gang Stalkers alike. The recent acknowledgement by the Pentagon of UFO existance complete with fighter jet video of one in “flight”, makes me very hopeful that other formerly “woo woo” revelations like what I am experiencing are soon to follow. The Bible does say that everything done in the dark will one day be revealed and it would appear that we are entering that period of time, accountability and prosecutions soon to follow.

Because I am not able to breath normally, I am also unable to exercise anymore causing, my weight to balloon. I am also sleep deprived as well. I know that they can hit me with doses that will totally incapacitate me and in all likelyhood kill me, but I will never capitulate nor surrender to their will. Kill me if you must, but you assholes can go fuck yourselves. I didn’t give in when you first attacked me nor when you murdered my mother, I have a job to do and I’m going to either complete it or perish in the attempt. I have zero respect for these Satanic shithead criminals.

Sorry about the profanity but there are just some things I think and feel that cannot be adequately communicated any other way. Look at what I do, not what I say…

When telling others about what I’m going through I am invariably confronted with the challenge to produce some sort of tangible proof that this is actually real and not just all in my head. I believe I now have a way to do that although I am sure that it won’t make much difference to people even if I scientifically proved it to them. Just listen to the global uproar regarding the Pentagon’s UFO proof and admission. Crickets. I’m now afraid that we have so successfully been conditioned to being apathetic no matter how sensational the event, no amount of proof will be able to overcome people’s mental inertia.

What a shame.




Hard to keep a good Brown down

So weird to be where I am today, eyes wide open, seeing more and more, everyday. So strange to have this “new” reality pushed upon me, or rather me being thrust into it. Looking back on the life I once knew seems so far away, like a whole other person altogether. Nostalgic.

I’m still here, still being poisoned by gases around the clock and still very optimistic about the future. As I’ve stated previously in other posts, I believe life to be a fantastic journey and I’m chomping at the bit to exploit every breath I take to the fullest, even if that breath be toxic. Have I said it once? Maybe even twice? Just to be sure let me say it one more time, FUCK YOU GANG STALKERS. Merde!  I simply must learn to curb my roguish tongue…

Would not trade places with anybody, truly feel I occupy privileged space and that I am in excellent company. Seriously, I would not go back if I could, so much too see here, so much to do and learn. Count it all joy. I truly feel sorry for all the cowards of the world, dying a thousand deaths while never venturing out far enough to glimpse the truth. The truth that reality is mostly an illusion. An illusion, a panacea, a con-program and an opiate meant to keep you pacified yet productive, much like a farm animal. An actual Orwellian “Animal Farm” complete with a “Handicapper General” ala Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron”. I’m happy with it after all but  would be far happier if more awoke from the dream. Recent events are rather encouraging, if nothing more than a “feel good”. Still, something transformative may present.

No, holding true to my newfound sight I did not vote, abstaining from the entire sordid process. It isn’t that I didn’t care, I quietly rooted for Donald Trump even though I could not in good conscience bring myself to participate. I’m done casting ballots for either one side of the “Deep State” or the other. It just ain’t that simple people. Tired of the puppet show, I’ve seen behind the curtain. Pillory me if you must but someone has to make a stand for integrity. That said, I really hope Trump turns our country around.

Anyway, a couple of days ago (three maybe), I took the test for and passed my Motorcycle Learners Permit at the California DMV. Yeaaaaa! I’ve only ridden a motorcycle once in my life but am determined to cross this item off of my “bucket list”. Now all I have to do is pass the driving portion (riding test) and I can add the “M1” endorsement to my Commercial Drivers License. I will then be able to operate anything with wheels on public streets legally except passenger buses and dump trucks pulling dirt. I am so excited. Next I’m going for my private pilot license with helicopter rating, hopefully in less than 250 hours. Gonna have to get a bike now, huh?

No, being attacked doesn’t have to stop nor diminish you in any way, I’m proof positive. Still here, accident free and law abiding. Still healthy too, despite others best efforts to harm. It’s simple really, live for things that are more than yourself refusing to surrender nor quit, you will make it. Let no one control you but you and don’t ever let anyone steal your joy.

Remember, life is a fantastic journey, not a destination. Own the day…

Phlegm that I cough up some mornings

Me in mask green

allstaractivist note: I don’t mean to gross anybody out with these pictures (even one of my doctors crinkled up his nose) but if I don’t show them, how will you know? I haven’t been photo documenting the symptoms that my poisoning is producing because I just don’t want to spend all my time preoccupied with my health. Of course, I would like to be healthy, but this is out of my control and I’m simply not going to let it stop me nor even slow me down if I can help it. Another reason I’m not documenting like I should is that I don’t want to scare people so much that they refuse to fight back or just give up. I’t is kinda obvious that the poisoning is another form of terrorism / torture and I’m not going to aid the shitheads in pumping fear. Really, there is nothing to fear but God and not living up to His expectations, the petty creeps responsible for this will soon be gone forever and are nothing to be feared at all. In the end, we are all mortal so why bother spending precious days above ground worrying about the inevitable? Do all you can, while you can I say, cause ain’t nobody getting out of this alive anyway.

Fuck you Gang Stalkers and your poisoning, just wait till Judgement Day come when you will have to live what you’ve done to others. Stupid chumps for Satan….

By the way, multiply by four what you see in the sink. On the days they use this particular stuff on me in my sleep, I wake up and immediately cough up three or four times this amount.


Sorry about the cursing.



Eldon J. Brown’s chest X-Rays as of 11-08-2013

These are my chest X-Rays from when I first began getting poisoned by the Gang Stalkers with poisonous gasses. They were taken at St. Mary’s Catholic Hospital. Two emergency room nurses there engaged in harassing behavior even though I was absolutely respectful and compliant. As most who are familiar with Gang Stalking know, medical personel are heavily recruited as stalkers. Makes a sick, perverse logic, doesn’t it?

When I first requested these X-Rays they gave me a CD that had nothing on it. When I returned to get a valid CD with my X-Ray images on it, I was given another empty CD. Before I left I had the receptionist check the CD on his computer and sure enough, it was empty too. By this time he had a very disturbed look on his face like he couldn’t believe what just happened. I imeadiatly asked for a third time that I be provided my chest X-Rays to which he responded, “I’m going to go down there and get the technician myself.” When he came back he assured me that the X-Ray tech was making the CD himself. Five minutes passed and I saw the X-Ray tech go over to the receptionists office, get on the computer and check for himself. The receptionist then called me over and assured me that my X-Rays were indeed now on the CD. This has happened before with the now closed Doctor’s Hospital, they also gave me an empty medical records CD.

Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130002 Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130003 Eldon's chest X Rays 11-08-20130004

I’m still enduring 24 hour poisoning

I hesitate to include Steve Quayle’s video below “The End Game 2013″ first broadcast on The Hagmann Report, but his is one of the few explanations that pretty much describes what is happening to me. Pay particular attention to the section where they talk about the control of water and a possible future “air tax”. Ever wondered how “they” could charge everyone for the very air we breath? Take a good hard look at what I’m going through and rethink the question.

An additional video specific to my hometown of Berkeley California, would be that of Leuren Moret, which I may include also.

Basically, Quayle talks about how “they” have gained almost complete control over humanity through supernatural technology (knowledge given mankind/womenkind by fallen angels). I’ve already experienced some of the stuff he talks about personally and therefore consider his thoughts worth listening to. I don’t have a problem with Quayle or The Hagmann Report per se but, a healthy dose of objectivity is prudent when delving into the occult.

“Ignorance is bliss” but “with great wisdom comes sorrow…”


What I’ve experienced so far, in being poisoned

Gang Stalker Georgie poisoning meTwo months since my last post and not much has changed. I thought that after that metal thing fell out of my nose, they may have lost some capabilities. No such luck. To recap, (did I ever fully describe?) this is what daily life has been like, so far…

I continue to be gassed, and the only reason I call whatever it is gas, is because that seems to be the most apt description based upon how it feels. In truth, I have no clue what chemical they are actually using. In addition, these substances just appear in front of my face (or inside my throat and nostrils) without any sensation of wind or moving air. Go figure.

Again, I’ve counted at least ten (10) different substances, each with their own particular physiological effects. All share one in common however, and that is they all cause moderate to extreme tinnitus (ringing in the ears) depending upon exposure levels. Some also cause headache if levels are allowed to get to high. Most, but not all, cause severe nasal congestion and runny nose, as well as a burning sensation upon the skin. Should you breath any of the gas, it will immediately cause a similar burning sensation in the nasal passages and the esophagus. The skin of the face and nostril openings are usually fissured due to the constant flushing with water and it’s drying effects.

These substances also have particular scents, but not all of them. One substance causes drying of the mucous membranes and any skin that it comes in contact with. I usually use an ear bulb with a small cup of water to irrigate my nasal passages and a small bucket filled with warm water, baking soda, dish washing soap (Dawn) and a towel to wipe my face. The baking soda neutralizes the burning sensation both on my skin topically, as well as inside my nostrils. I usually just dip my hands into the water and wipe it on my face with. I use wet fingers to swab out my nostrils. When irrigating with the ear bulb, large globs of thick, green and yellow snot will be flushed into the sink. Whatever these chemicals are, they do indeed have a distinctly chemical oder when inhaled, the smell turning biological when flushed out. I have been told by others that the oder upon flushing is very strong and offensive, that it reminded them of the smell of cancer. I also keep an ever-present liter bottle of tap water and spit bucket nearby to swish out my mouth. When at home indoors, these items are always by my side and are used as needed, usually every five minutes until bedtime.

Wow, just writing that, I don’t see how I’ve managed to do it for the past year and a half, every single waking moment. Looks like the definition of torture to me although, it really only makes me angry. If there was ever any doubt I suppose it can be put to rest now, I’m just not the quitting type. Now more than ever, I want to get my hands on whomever is responsible, but that’s another post unto itself.

Now for the good stuff, where I tell you what’s really going on.

I’m tired of beating around the bush, trying to keep everything I write digestible for those who might be new to this and not yet able to receive the actual reality that we live in. It isn’t really fair to you reading this either, as what good will watered down truth do you? So, here it is, as I see it. Take it however you wish.

Due to the way that they apply or administer these substances, I believe there has to be an actual person with you at all times. The precision with which the gassing is accomplished can’t be explained any other way. Say for instance, you go to the bathroom to flush and wash just after receiving a dose. As soon as you bend over to turn on the water, POW! You suck in a big cloud, burning both the skin of your face as well as your nostrils and esophagus. Of course you learn not to inhale when approaching the sink, but you feel the meticulously placed gas cloud contact and burn your skin nonetheless.

No, there are no hidden nozzles. No, there are no household products stored in the room that are leaking and no, it doesn’t just happen indoors, you run into gas clouds outside too. What I’m trying to tell you is that the invisible gas clouds are appearing right out of thin air.This leads me to my next hypothesis.

I believe that there actually is someone with you at all times who are invisible but nonetheless there. Inter-dimensional, in other words. It’s the only way I can explain it. Something very tangible is appearing out of nothing and making you ill yet, you see no one nor any visible thing. I am a Christian as well as a lover of Sci-Fi so such an assertion is easy for me to make. I am also part Native American and have many family members who have had experiences that cannot be explained by conventional wisdom or knowledge. Reality is bigger than what the five senses can quantify. I call it “Spiritual Technology” for lack of a better term, but basically I mean to infer that a technology is being employed which transcends the conventional altogether. I’m not saying that spells or magic is being used however, it has been said that were a person introduced to a technology that was so advanced it defied their comprehension, it may as well be magic. I also know too that we are entering the final iteration of mankind in this age, as every knowledgeable person says that we are in the “End Times”. Many non-Christian prophecies including the Mayan say that we are in the last days, but I digress. In short, my little tale of woe may soon be considered passe compared to the supernatural events that begin to manifest.

Another thing that makes me think there is an actual person or Nephilim hybrid shadowing my every move from their inter-dimensional hiding place, is that I can hear them talking, commenting on my actions, thoughts and reactions to what they are doing. Now before you start to say “Man, this guy is super bat shit crazy”, just go onto the internet and see for yourself, look up “Targeted Individual voices” or “voice to skull technology” although, I don’t think the latter is being used here. It’s as though someone were standing right next to me from some hidden but clear vantage point and commenting not only on my actions, but on what I am thinking as well. UFO abductees report that during their abductions, they can communicate with their abductors telepathically. This is also the method of communication used by the Angels, either through dreams (which some say is another dimension itself), or while fully conscious. It would figure then, that if most abductees and quiet a number of other researchers think that aliens are in fact Fallen Angels, then they would use telepathy also. I’ve also heard that because everyone comes from one single, all powerful spirit (which would be God), that once the spiritual connection is made, it is an inescapable two way street. You can hear them almost as clearly as they can hear you, perhaps even more so.

From the time that I wake up until the time that I try to go to sleep, the gassing continues. They often wait until I’m just dozing off to give me one concentrated jolt of gas to wake me back up (sleep deprivation). I’ve read that they are able to monitor all of your bodily functions and brain activity, being able to tell when you are entering REM sleep a trivial thing. I have a CPAP machine that I use at night but they just play with that, or with me I should say.

One type of gas or substance is used for two days and then switched to something else. Ventilating with a fan or fans is minimally effective at securing uncontaminated air since they place it both inside the nostrils and mouth, even while you wear a respirator with your mouth closed. The only relief seems to come from being in locations that you’ve never been to before. This seems to give them trouble. You might think that traveling in a car would ensure your safety however, I get gassed even on the freeway. Thank God this has never caused me to lose control of the vehicle, opening all the windows helps.

Weird how it doesn’t frighten nor depress me in the least, the only emotion I ever feel is anger and or outrage, coupled with a determination to expose these perpetrators and bring them to some form of justice. I also pray for them occasionally too. Even those feelings are muted, my hard and unfortunate life must have made me tougher than either I, or the stalkers thought. I temper myself by imagining how ridiculous and disgraced they will look, standing before the Trinity of Almighty God and everyone who ever lived, on Judgement day. Most Christians don’t understand just how fair God is, that the absolutely fairest thing to do to the unsaved on that day will be to enable them to experience everything that they have ever done to others, both the good and the bad. As God is all powerful, it will be an immersive experience in every way, encompassing the emotions, physical sensations and thoughts of the other person. In effect, for the purposes of the proceeding, you will practically become the person that you acted upon. That is fair, isn’t it? Christians escape the horrific elements of this judgement as Christ has already paid for their misdeeds. We will only receive reward for our good deeds, none of our bad. This also, is absolutely fair because we accepted Christ’s gift of surrogacy (salvation).

I don’t get gassed very often while eating, I suspect because they don’t want to leave any tangible evidence behind like tainted food. Since triaging a poisoned person entails examining the food that they ate, it’s understandable why these creeps would avoid making such a critical mistake. They value being covert above all, much like the Devil.

So, I’ve concluded that the methods employed to accomplish this poisoning are inter-dimensional in nature, possibly converting matter into energy and back again (teleportation). The surveillance of you is comprehensive, encompassing bio functions, brain functions, audio and visual capture with possible predictive capabilities (being able to see actions and conditions that have yet to transpire – time travel). Kind of sounds wild until you read the Bible and find that it has all happened before, in antiquity. Oh, and by the way, UFO’s are in the Bible too, book of Daniel.

Nothing new under the Sun…





Something fell out of my nose

Covert Harassment logo H175XW660I was flushing my nose as usual Thursday night (06-25-15), when it started bleeding heavily. I continued to flush and the blood increased in volume until there was nothing but a bright red stream coming out of my nostril. Then, I gave one more big squirt with the ear bulb and WHOOSH! A frighteningly large volume of blood gushed out, but that was not all…

I heard a “tink” hit the bottom of the metal sink, you know, like when you drop your ring in or something. The sound was very distinct and rather loud, it definitely was metallic in nature. I don’t have any nose piercings nor body mods of any kind so this was extremely weird. I looked and looked at the spot where the sound had emanated from but no dice, it was already gone. If there had been any chance of seeing what had fallen I’m sure I would have spotted it, but there was just too much blood. I quickly entertained the thought of taking out the trap but you know how mothers are, she didn’t want her precious sink disassembled. Evidence of the century but we must have our priorities now mustn’t we… Moms, Gotta luv em.

Anyway, the targeted gassing has now stopped, they no longer know exactly where I am. The area gassing continues however. I believe that they must have some sort of real time monitoring of the target capability. The upside is that they can no longer zero in on my nostrils specifically. I guess they’ll be going back to the drudgery of old school surveillance again. D’oh!

As to the origins of the implant that fell out, I can only guess. Some people say that they have the ability to grow back. Bummer. We’ll see.

Now, I know a lot more about how they were doing what they were doing to me. Somehow, I got chipped. Like a pet or a cell phone with the GPS turned on 24/7. Not anymore.

Them: “You’ll never escape us…”

Me: Escape you? Whatever gave you that idea? I’m too busy laughing at you. 🙂

Please, give Satan “the bird” for me when you get there, I’d do it myself but I’ll be somewhere far, far away…





I’m still here and I’m still being poisoned

Gang Stalker Georgie poisoning meI’m so sorry that I have not been posting regularly to this blog, it has taken me this long to figure things out. I continue to be poisoned with methods unknown to me.

To address any issues related to my sanity, all I offer in rebuttal is this;

  • Do I seem crazy to you? Do I have objective reasoning and cognitive abilities? Read my blogs and decide for yourself.
  • Do your own research, I’m not the only person talking about such things;
  • Read my main blog, I’ve featured many established and credible professionals with links;
  • Finally, the Holy Bible speaks of such things having happened in the past, mainstream science is beginning to verify them as factual.

I am learning about the stalker’s methods, apparent goals in attempting to shape my behavior and the effects of the different chemical agents used. Some of what I have read about other targeted individuals experiences is helpful however, I don’t believe there is yet a complete treatise publicly available. Hopefully that will change soon. I’m going to tell you what I know so far but hold onto yourself, the implications are rather frightening.

Let me first remind you of a recent case of this type of poisoning so that we have a credible foundation going forward.

Actress Brittany Murphy decided to help a friend by testifying as a witness in a federal case against the government. Anyway, after deciding to help her friend she began to experience a sudden onset of illness. At first she thought it was due to her house being contaminated with mold but from what I’ve read about her complaints to friends, her conclusions changed. Long story short, her condition worsened and she died suddenly. Her father believed that she had been poisoned and had her collected tissue samples examined by an independent lab. The lab reported finding ten heavy metals that strongly indicated rat poison, administered slowly over time. The method of delivery was not determined.

Brittany’s friend, former Homeland Security Officer Mrs. Julia Davis, tells Brittany and her husband’s story to Red Ice radio in the fourth video below at time stamp 20:50.

My poisoning began the day that the statute of limitations expired for suing my landlord Tenderloin Housing Clinic. It’s funny how both cases of poisoning seemed to revolve around lawsuits, or in my case the refusal to engage in one. Both examples really highlight the legal/political nature of these types of “attacks”.

As for those frightening implications, how does teleportation of matter in the hands of bad guys sound? What I am experiencing fits that description perfectly. I mean, how else can you explain toxic sickening agents just materializing out of thin air, right in front of your face? Even more frightening, these “gasses” are administered inside of (through) protective equipment (face masks) and sometimes from within the body itself. Perhaps this is why the Gang Stalkers are able to recruit so many people? Most people would do anything to keep from becoming the victims of something like that. I consider such people to be weak, cowardly and morally void, taking the easy way out. They probably think of themselves as “smart” or clever. We’ll see how quickly that self image crumbles on Judgement Day…

The gasses come in two modes, targeted and area gassing. Targeted gassing usually results in noxious stuff being shot up your nose however, there is no sensation of moving air. I have even felt the effects of the gasses on my tongue when my mouth was closed. The second type of delivery method is to simply have you walk into a cloud of gas. This method of gassing is especially effective at poisoning you in confined spaces, like long corridors, doorways, driving, sitting in front of a computer and even while sitting on the toilet.

For the most part, it is almost impossible to escape these gasses. They have the ability to hit you almost anywhere, from in your car, home and even outdoors. I have noticed however, that they have trouble in overcast weather and during electrical power outages with the later being more so.

There seems to be a different gas for every day of the week. Some burn the skin while others make you feel ill. All cause extreme tinnitus. Some leave a dusty taste in your mouth, others have acidic qualities. All have distinct odors. I believe the agents are rotated frequently to defeat sample collection (air, bodily fluids etc.). Laboratory analysis is cost prohibitive, especially when you cannot tell the lab what you are looking for. I’ve had estimates for lab work range from $100 (blood work, a waste of time) to $5000.00 and up. The suggestion that I was given was to befriend someone at an academic lab however, most students are clamoring for their own lab time. Medical insurance usually doesn’t pay for toxicologists outside of ordinary drug testing and finding one that specializes in forensics is difficult. Toxicology remains a field that largely caters to industry and government, very few solicit to the general public.

Don’t give up hope though, I am confident that I will find someone out there who is unafraid and that can see the opportunity for scientific discovery. Were a scientist be able to contribute to an eventual collaborative effort and publish, fame and standing would be assured. The obstacle is that no one has ever scientifically documented such phenomenon before and that the Gang Stalkers would probably attack all involved. Fear for both one’s professional credibility and physical safety become factors. The scientific community remains a very intolerant testing ground for novel ideas, usually their first reaction is to attempt to discredit them (scientific scrutiny). I have entertained thoughts of finding someone who specializes in targeted individuals however, sorting out the “Black Hats” from the “White Hats” can be challenging.

The timing of the gaseous assaults varies depending upon what activity you are engaging in as well as the Gang Stalkers dislike of it. For example, if you planned to do some public speaking, you will be heavily gassed before and during your speech. If you are attempting to file a complaint against some government agency, you will be sickened at the most critical points in the process. You are gassed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, four weeks every month and twelve months year round. There are no exceptions however, there do appear to be lapses.

These lapses are periods of light to no gassing that regularly coincide with specific times of the day. They are as follows;

  • 5:00 am – 6:00 am
  • 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm
  • 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Look vaguely familiar? You see it too, don’t you? Shift changes. Those time schedules look like shift changes. Not only do they look like shift changes, they appear to coincide with California PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). The western states and Mexico below in green also follow PDT/UTC-7;

UTC-7_2015-06-19_162037Conversely, heavy gassing proceeds immediately before the end of each “shift”. I believe that this short burst of heavy poisonous gassing is meant to compensate for the lag time between changing shifts. When one “shift” ends, there is a lag time before a new shift worker gets settles in. To compensate for this and to maintain the desired level of illness, the shift ending delivers one final big dose to the target before ending their workday. Nice huh? I wonder what Edward Snowden would have to add to my deduced scenario? Would it sound to him like a military operation or private contractors? Perhaps a collusion between the two?

Some gassing does occur while sleeping and is sometimes used to disrupt sleep (sleep deprivation). Just as you are beginning to doze off, POW! A big dose of nasty smelling gas is blasted in your face. Not enough to really make you sick but enough to make you scared to close your eyes. This can go on all night long until the Sun comes up. In this way you can be made to have an “accident” the following day and injure either yourself or someone else. It is also prone to inducing heart attack. As was explained to me by a sleep doctor, being jarred awake suddenly like that while dozing off produces a “fight or flight” response. Your body floods with adrenaline, your heart races and ventricular fibrillation ensues. Like trying to drive a car one hundred miles an hour right after starting, on a cold winter’s day. Something’s gonna blow. The gassing that occurs during sleep usually produces congestion, esophageal bleeding (coughing up coagulated blood), body ache, and nausea.


Upon waking, you have to immediately go to the sink and flush with water copiously. You flush your nose first, resulting in huge gobs of greenish snot plopping into the sink. You wash your face while desperately trying not to breath in the water activated chemical vapors wafting up. You flush your mouth and gargle, trying to get the nasty chemical taste out, and then you cough and expectorate over and over again. Snot, spittle and congestion flow into the sink, you keep the water running to wash it away but it sticks to the side. Just when you think you’ve gotten all the crap out of you, BAM! They blast you again. Back to the sink for another round of spitting and flushing except that now you are vigorously fanning the gasses away with whatever you can find. Maybe you get clever and drag an electric fan into the bathroom with you, to try to keep the air moving. Now at last, you are finished and fatigued. You walk out of the bathroom into the hall and BAM!, run smack dab into another cloud of toxic gas. Back to the sink again. You learn to either shield your face coming out of the bathroom or to vigorously fan in front of yourself while walking. Sometimes, darting quickly out of the room effectively thwarts the gas booby trap too. After all of that, you can now fix a morning cup of coffee and sit down, but not for long. Soon, you will be heading back to the bathroom again.

Throughout the day the gassing continues, both indoors and out. I’ve learned to keep a liter bottle of water with me as well as an ear bulb and small yoghurt cup. When the gassing gets really bad or I’ve reached my tolerance level, I pour water into the yoghurt cup, fill the ear bulb with it and flush my nostrils. The ear bulb is much more effective than a nasal flush bottle because it can be inserted farther up into the nasal canal to reach the sinuses. When inserted this far, the nasal passage is sealed against the bulb base and a high degree of flushing pressure can be generated, literally blowing the snot out the other nostril. The insidious method of gassing the nostrils ensures that the toxic agents cause your membranes to produce large amounts of snot, leading to congestion. The nature of the toxic agents in the gas is that they adhere to the snot and nasal membranes. This effectively turns them into a time released toxin that is incrementally administered with every breath you take. This is the reason that you are heavily gassed immediately after flushing everything out, the toxic agents have to be replenished. Tissues are used by the dozens, spit jars are emptied multiple times a day, surgical masks are used in volume, both handheld and electric fans are employed to move the air constantly. All these things give only limited relief.

Getting back to those frightening implications again, the above described poisoning methodology suggests that there is some sort of real time monitoring of you going on, they can see exactly what you are doing. How else to explain such precise timing and dosage? Privacy has been dead a long, long time.

Finally, they will gas you in social settings in hopes that you mistakenly blame those nearby and wrongly accuse or attack them. In the beginning, they were synchronizing my gas attacks with the passing by of individual stalkers who would smile at me knowingly. I suppose the hope was that I would attack them as the actual perpetrators. Oh, they were most likely guilty of aiding the attack by offering themselves up as targets however, they were not alone. They are never alone. In every Gang Stalker harassment or assault operation, it is a team that will be engaging you, much like a squad. Just think of an undercover police operation. There are often black and white patrol cars nearby to lend support and make an arrest should the plan succeed. Provoke, observe, arrest, murder, get paid and celebrate. Sometimes even trophies are awarded complete with promotions.

Some people believe these attacks to be accomplished through the use of satellites but I’m not wholly convinced. I’m sure that satellite technology is employed to some extent, we only need to look to the battlefield for examples, but I think some other technology not publicly known is used in conjunction. From what I’ve experienced, conventional technologies could not accomplish what has been done to me. I’ve actually been physically pushed around by things unseen. You can read more about that type of stuff here.

I am not sure what total physical effect all of this is having on me long term. My lungs ache quite frequently as does my body. I have periodic nosebleeds of varying severity. Sleep deprivation plagues me and my girth is increasing due to lack of exercise. The ever present tinnitus (ringing in ears) is indicative of neural damage. I don’t know how much longer I may have and therefore live one day at a time, never sure that when I close my eyes at night it won’t be forever.


Well, that’s about all I can think of for now, hopefully this blog will be useful to those intended. One piece of advice that I could give to anyone who believes in fairness, justice, honesty and compassion, anyone willing to speak out against violations of the aforementioned, protect yourself by learning as much as you can. You would also do yourself a favor to establish a baseline of your healthy self before being poisoned. Find a doctor you can trust and establish a good relationship, they will then be able to track any changes.

Activists all over the world are going through similar types of attacks. The objectives are to discredit, silence and control. We are in the “End Times”  people, “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days…” Things are about to be seen both wondrous and fantastic, a terrific opportunity to stand on the right side of history and for God. I have absolutely no intention of ceasing my activism, speaking truth to power and living each day to the fullest. People of good conscience should never surrender. I love the good fight.


Chemical poisoning – general principles of diagnosis and treatment

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The diagnosis of chemical poisoning is suspected from a history of exposures resulting in typical clinical syndromes and confirmed by the appropriated medical tests.

There are a series of criteria to be fulfilled to make a confident clinical diagnosis of poisoning by chemicals. The following criteria have to be fulfilled:

  1. The subject was fit and well prior to chemical exposures.
  2. There is evidence of exposure to the putative chemicals and toxins.
  3. The subject initially developed local symptoms which became worse with repeated exposures.
  4. With repeated exposures a typical clinical picture emerges characterised by chronic fatigue syndrome, immune disruption (allergies, autoimmunity, susceptibility to infections), accelerated ageing (so the sufferer gets diseases before their time), neuro-degeneration, diabetes and cancer.
  5. Similar patterns of disease are seen in other people working under similar conditions.
  6. Similar fact evidence from other subjects who have been poisoned such as the Gulf War veterans, sheep dip poisoned farmers, aerotoxic pilots.
  7. There is laboratory evidence of poisoning and effects of that poisoning.
  8. There are no other possible explanations for this pattern of symptoms.
  9. There is a response to treatment with clinical improvements as a result of detoxification, nutritional and immune support.

The Clinical Picture of Chemical Poisoning

It is important to realise that the diagnosis of chemical poisoning relies on recognition of a clinical picture. Let me draw an analogy. If I saw a photograph of the Queen, standing on the balcony at Buckingham palace, surrounded by members of the Royal Family, with the flag flying above, the band playing below and thousands of people cheering, I would be happy to diagnose that it was indeed the Queen I was looking at. To be certain I would have to ask for DNA testing, but this has never been requested and never been done because the clinical picture is so obvious.

We have a similar situation with people who have been chemically poisoned. The clinical picture to those trained and used to seeing it is obvious. The problem arises because these people who are poisoned have only presented in the last few years. This is not a long standing recognisable syndrome, it is a new illness. Doctors are traditionally very slow to recognised new diseases and most not only fail to even look at the clinical picture, many do not accept it exists at all because it does not fit into their paradigm of disease! It really does create a new picture! So for example it has taken the Americans 17 years to recognise the clinical picture of Gulf War Syndrome and ascribe this to pesticide poisoning. Fortunately the 9/11 firemen who were poisoned by the fumes inhaled as they fought the flames and picked over the debris of the destroyed twin towers had their illness quickly recognised and a detoxification centre set up in New York allowed effective and immediate treatment.

So for a diagnosis of chemical poisoning to be made, not only do the above criteria have to be followed, but a doctor experienced in seeing and treating these new diseases must be able to see the picture. Just like in the early days of infectious diseases, Koch’s Postulates had to be fulfilled to make a diagnosis of infection, a series of criteria for diagnosis chemical exposures is now emerging.

Symptoms of chronic chemical poisoning

  • Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Severe, debilitating fatigue which is physical and mental
    • Physical – no stamina, loss of muscular strength (episodic blurred vision), sudden “hitting a wall”, has to rest regularly and pace all activity.
    • Mental – poor short term memory, unable to learn new things, poor concentration, speech difficulty with poor word finding. Long term memory usually fine. See Brain fog – poor memory, difficulty thinking clearly etc
    • Malaise – sufferers feel ill, “hung over”, “poisoned”.
    • Muscle aching – often widespread, flitting from one group of muscles or joints to another, often requiring painkillers; degeneration of handwriting.
    • Drug intolerance (such as alcohol, antidepressants). This is sympotmsatic of poor ability to detox. See Detoxification – an overview
    • Sleep disturbance
  • Symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity. Sufferers
    1. become more sensitive to the chemical to which they are exposed, which means that they get bigger reactions with smaller doses.
    2. become sensitive to other chemicals. This is called a “spreading phenomenon” and classically these people start to react to any other chemicals such as diesel fumes, perfumes, cigarette smoke, alcohol and so on.
    3. develop an exquisite sense of smell – they can smell chemicals long before anybody else – they are true “canaries”
  • Personality change with destabilisation of mood (mood swings), increased tearfulness, irritability and aggression, impulsive suicidal thoughts, rage. An extreme version of these symptoms results in psychiatric disorders including depression and psychosis.
  • Other symptoms which may arise as a combined effect of the above problems include:
    • Chest pain,
    • Shortness of breath
    • Muscle twitching or cramp
    • Irritable bowel syndrome (abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea/constipation etc)
    • Sweating
    • Poor balance and dizzy spells
    • Numb patches, clumsiness
    • Tendency to pick up infections
    • Many other symptoms.

Toxic chemicals also accelerate the normal ageing process

This means that diseases which one might expect in patients in their eighties one sees in patients in their fifties and sixties. These diseases include:

  • Degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, heart disease and dementia.
  • Genetic and DNA damage causing cancer (and of course birth defects).
  • Immune disruption – this can cause allergies (to foods, inhalants and chemicals), tendency to acquire infections and difficulty getting rid of infections, autoimmunity.

Making a diagnosis of chemical poisoning

(which includes organophosphates, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, silicones and noxious gases)

Making the diagnosis is all about recognising the clinical picture as above. At the moment there is no single test which will diagnose acute chemical poisoning. This is because the chemicals get into the body, do damage, and are then distributed throughout the body into fatty departments or are excreted. The problem here is that many tests are done on blood levels. This does not reflect the total toxicity outside the blood. This means that by the time a sufferer gets to see a doctor the chemicals are in such low levels in the blood they are not detectable by conventional tests and only the damage remains.

These chemicals are often highly toxic. Every bodily system can be adversely affected by toxic chemicals, therefore sufferers present with a multiplicity of symptoms. These symptoms singly may be ignored or coped with. It is when they come together and are so persistent, that sufferers present to their doctors.

When sufferers come, they may not arrive with a list of all their symptoms, just those symptoms which they believe might be serious. Many sufferers present with chest pain or headaches suspecting heart problems or a brain tumour. They have to be asked specifically for details of other symptoms, or the diagnosis will be missed. Toxic chemical poisoning is a clinical diagnosis made on the basis of past medical history, symptoms, signs and investigations.

Past Medical History

Often there is no serious illness in the past. However when asked, many sufferers will give a history of reactions to other chemicals such as air fresheners, cigarette smoke, perfumes or whatever. Some people may give a similar history of symptoms following previous flights such as headaches, muscle aches, chest pains and nausea.

These symptoms of acute chemical poisoning also occur in sick building syndrome, sheep dip ‘flu, 9/11 syndrome (firemen being poisoned by toxic fumes), Gulf War syndrome, chronic carbon monoxide/hydrocarbon fume poisoning, Aerotoxic pilots, fumes from toxic waste sites and industrial pollution, photographic and printing industry, painting and carpet industry as well as mercury from dental amalgam and so on.

Clinical signs

Standard medical examinations often reveal no clinical signs of disease and the sufferer looks well. Indeed, his looks belie his feelings. These patients feel terrible but look reasonable. One has to rely on the above clinical picture and tests to support the diagnosis. It is a combination of the clinical history plus positive tests which make the diagnosis.

Laboratory Investigations

Also see CFS – Tests to investigate CFS

Chemicals get into the body, cause damage and are then excreted. Conventional medical tests are not sufficiently sensitive to identify these chemicals and pick up the widespread and subtle damage which results from them. Sensitive tests have to be done most of which are not routinely available and certainly not on the NHS. So many sufferers get the standard “work up” of medical tests which are either inappropriate, or overlook minor abnormalities. For example:

  • Full blood count – usually normal – (there may be a low white cell count)
  • Urea and electrolytes – usually normal
  • Liver function tests – usually normal. There may be slightly raised liver enzymes (often ignored) or a slightly raised bilirubin, suggesting Gilbert’s syndrome.
  • Muscle enzymes – sometimes these are slightly raised
  • Hormone tests – usually interpreted as normal, but actually often show low normal levels
  • X-rays – all normal
  • ECGs – usually normal
  • Nerve conduction studies of the motor and sensory nerves – usually normal. Abnormalities may be found if tests are done within 2 years of the most recent exposure to organophosphates.
  • MRI scan of the brain – often said to be normal

Most chemical sufferers get this standard battery of tests and are told there is nothing wrong with them. However, there are abnormalities which would be picked up by the following tests:

  • Finding the toxic chemical – this can be done with fat biopsies to identify pesticides and volatile organic substances.
  • Mitochondrial Function Profile
  • DNA adducts – seeing chemicals stuck on to DNA.
  • Heavy metals can be detected by measuring blood toxic metals or analysing the metal content of sweat
  • Mercury – Kelmer test for mercury toxicity
  • More in depth tests of mitochondrial function such as Translocator protein studies, Microrespirometry studies, Cardiolipin studies or Antioxidant status profile often pick up these toxins which get stuck onto membranes and proteins.
  • Immune function tests – most of these are research only tests, but, if available, look for low levels of natural killer cells, low levels of B cells, abnormal T suppressor/helper lymphocyte ratios, raised C reactive protein and hypogammaglobulinaemia. ANCA, TNF and interleukin 6 may also be abnormal.
  • Sensitive tests of liver function (glutathione S transferase, red cell glutathione), and tests of the liver’s ability to detoxify (caffeine, paracetamol loading) – often abnormal. See Full GST profile and Standard Detoxification Profile.
  • Hormonal studies suggest a suppression of the pituitary gland with borderline underactivity of the thyroid (hypothyroidism), mild Addison’s disease. Tested for by doing Adrenal Stress Profile (salivary), inappropriate ADH secretion, poor melatonin levels resulting in sleep problems, low levels of testosterone etc. The thyroid abnormality is interesting classically with low TSH and low T4 (in the lowest 20% of the “normal” range). Thyroxine can be very helpful.
  • Osteoporosis – bone density scan at the wrist, hip and spine is mandatory. All people with significant exposure to chemicals should have this investigations. Urine tests may show abnormal levels of metabolites of bone namely deoxypyridinoline (Dpd) and N-telopeptides (NTx) indicating faulty bone metabolism.
  • Psychometric testing – this often shows severe impairment of memory, information processing, learning, concentration etc. This is not easy to get on the NHS but should be demanded – available via consultant neurologists. It should be possible for your GP to refer you to a neurologist because you are suspected to be suffering from a “sub-cortical dementia”. The neurologist has to be asked to refer you on for psychometric testing. This may take several hours to do (if it doesn’t you are not getting the right test!). These tests are an objective assessment of brain function and can be very helpful for getting street credibility (with your GP – there is often a dramatic change of attitude when it is discovered there is something really the matter!) and for getting benefits (as you are suffering from a pre-senile dementia). Indeed Doctor Sarah McKenzie Ross is the most experienced neuro-psychologist in this field and she has identified a pattern of brain damage that is particular to chemical poisoning and different from say dementures or depressions.
  • Nerve conduction studies of the autonomic nervous system – presently only done by Drs Jamal and Julu. The autonomic nervous system controls automatic functions such as temperature, sweating, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate, gut function etc. Abnormalities are commonly found in OP poisoned sufferers and are persistent.
  • Brain scans to demonstrate function (such as SPECT scanning) may show poor perfusion of particular areas of the brain. Most of this work has been done on Gulf War veterans who were similarly poisoned.
  • Trace elements levels – often deficiencies of magnesium and selenium found.
  • Vitamin deficiencies – particularly of the B vitamins – in fact, this is so common that I do not bother to do tests, but use multivitamins routinely.
  • Antibodies to brain proteins (cytoskeletal antibodies) sometimes raised (test not available in UK).
  • Conduction abnormalities in the heart – arrange 24 hour ECG monitoring for symptoms such as chest pain or palpitations (needs referral to cardiologist).
  • Allergy testing – Lymphocyte sensitivity to metals and chemicals and Lymphocyte sensitivity to silicone

Treatment – the environmental approach

The priority is to recognise the illness and stop further exposure to toxic chemicals. Not all people are equally susceptible to the toxic effects of chemicals – those that get symptoms are more susceptible and need to be doubly careful to avoid further exposure. See Chemical poisons and toxins for a list of common toxins – it is not a case of avoiding the chemical which initially poisoned you, but all the others as well!

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome – see section on fatigue. In the short, medium and sometimes long term the commonest problem is a chronic fatigue syndrome. This is just a symptom and the name of the game is to identify and treat the underlying causes. You could download my entire book free of charge. See my CFS Book. It is vital to go through this step by step and address all the issues. Do not be tempted to cherry pick the easy things or you will slow your recovery. In particular the diet – dietary changes are the most difficult to make and people often leave these till last whereas actually they should be done first.
  • Acceleration of the normal aging process See Anti-ageing – Slow the Ageing Process. The mechanism by which chemicals cause damage is to interfere at a fundamental level with biochemical processes and in effect accelerate the normal ageing process. This is what makes these victims of chemical poisoning difficult to detect by a discrete syndrome – sufferers get normal diseases suffered by normal people but before their time. So for example the Gulf War veterans have a greatly increased risk of cancer heart disease and degenerative conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, prion disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and motor neurone disease and so on, none of which constitutes a recognisable and different syndrome but is all symptomatic of an accelerated ageing process.

What can you expect from your GP?

The problem with GPs is that they are not trained to look for toxicological (poisoning) as a cause of illness. You may be referred to the Poison’s Units (now called Medical Toxicology Units). The Poison’s units have not made a single diagnosis of chronic organophosphate poisoning in the last ten years, I suspect because funding for the Poison’s Units comes from the chemical companies. This is an issue I have written about in the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine which the Poison’s Units have failed to refute.

You can expect your GP to do a series of blood tests and tell you there is nothing abnormal and therefore nothing wrong. The next step might be referral to a neurologist who again will trot out the party line – chronic chemical poisoning does not exist. The next port of call is usually the psychiatrists who do not have a “toxicological” diagnostic pigeon hole and will squeeze you into the next nearest fit, ie chronic depression. The treatment of this, namely anti-depressants, will make the poor sufferer worse, he will refuse to take them and be discharged as an unco-operative patient. The chemically poisoned person is left to sort out his life as best as he can and usually ends up with declining health.

Fortunately most chemically poisoned people are intelligent and realise the above state of affairs. But the lack of street credibility and help from Government Agencies make this illness a social and financial disaster area.

Extrenal link

Dr Claudia Miller’s website from which you can download free of charge a PDF version of her widely acclaimed book written with Nicholas A. Ashford “Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes”

Quoted from the back cover:

“Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes” explains how day-to-day variations in chemical exposure may cause unusual and seemingly unpredictable symptoms, including many that have been termed psychosomatic in the past. It describes how everyday, low-level chemical exposures may cause fatigue, memory impairment, headaches, mood changes, breathing difficulties, digestive problems, and a host of chronic unexplained illnesses including chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf War syndrome, and sick building syndrome. The authors are the first writers to clearly describe and document the process of adaptation, a concept that provides a rational and scientific basis for understanding these symptoms. In the Second Edition of this professionally acclaimed work, the authors offer evidence for an emerging new theory of disease-toxicant-induced loss of tolerance-which may have far-reaching implications for medicine, public health, and environmental policy. Based on a report commissioned by the New Jersey Department of Health that won the World Health Organizations Macedo Award, Chemical Exposures is the most comprehensive book ever written on sensitivity to low level chemical exposure and the many health effects associated with it. This work clarifies the nature of chemical sensitivity, shows how it differs from traditional allergies and toxicity, and suggests how federal and state governments can help those who are affected. The book identifies four major groups of people with hypersensitivity to low levels of chemicals: occupants of tight buildings, industrial workers who handle chemicals, residents of communities exposed to toxic chemicals, and individuals with random and unique exposures to various chemicals. The fact that similar symptoms are being reported by members of these demographically diverse groups not only points to a serious problem, it may also contribute to a better understanding of chemical sensitivity.

The NeilMed Sinugator® (sinus irigator) cordless pulsating nasal wash

NeilMed Sinugator_56.5

walgreens-logoI was in Walgreens the other day and remembered that I wanted another ear wash bulb in case I wore the one I already had, out. I had been thinking about constructing some sort of nasal washer thing out of a submersible pump or syringe with surgical tubing orNeilMed NasaBulb for babies something like that. What a pain to have to do. I made my way over to the pharmacy section and found some baby nasal bulbs that looked OK, so I bought them. They weren’t really like my other bulb, the nozzles were short and didn’t extend past the nostril. I will be returning them, unopened.

Anyway, that’s when the thought came to me that I might find some sort of better solution for flushing my nostrils of the poison toxic gasses. I looked behind me opposite the bulbs and saw all sorts of nasal stuff. At the very bottom of the shelf, I see this nozzle looking thing in a rather large box. I then look at the price tag and it is reduced to $28. More interested now, I take a closer look and see that there is some sort of machine attached to a nozzle, the box top proclaiming it a “Nasal Wash”. I pick it up and try to open the box but it is taped shut. I then take all of the boxes off the shelf and grab the last one, I figure I may as well give it a try since squeezing the bulb is becoming really tiresome.

IMG_20150216_005658In the car I open the box and am pleasantly surprised that it is in multiple parts and requires assembly. I quickly put the pieces together and am again surprised that it seems well made, it even came with three Duracell AA batteries. I re-box it and drive home.

I didn’t put the batteries in until I had water in it, I know that running pumps while dry does damage. I was even more surprised that the battery cover has a little rubber seal that goes all the way around it and a “slide to lock” mechanism too. Even the start button is sealed with a rubber cover, you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. The sound it makes is reminiscent of a “Water Pick”, remember those? I always thought a “Water Pick” was much better suited to blasting ear wax out of your ears, far less messier than shooting your teeth anyway.  It does deliver a rather large stream of pulsed water. I put it up to my nose and press the rubber covered button. Two seconds later, a steady stream of water is flowing out of the opposite nostril, I can smell the familiar chemical smell begin to emanate and fill my mouth. Now that I have a steady stream coming out of the other nostril, collecting samples in the morning will be a snap (for later GC/MS analysis). It works so much better than the blue thing above! I no longer have to fumble with the bulb, just quickly unscrew the blue solution reservoir, hold under running water till full, screw back on and flush.

The instructional video tells you to use either filtered or distilled water, probably because the minerals in regular tap water will shorten it’s pump life. I use way too much water for my flushing, so I just keep the tap running and fill as needed. The detached reservoir works great as a “drinking” cup to swish your mouth out with and to rinse the sink clean of the boogers blasted into it as well. I love this thing!

NeilMed Sinugator_05The Sinugator goes through it’s little blue solution reservoir of water very fast, I use one whole cupful for each nostril. After a particularly heavy toxic gas exposure, I use anywhere from four to six cupfuls, alternating between each nostril per filling. It is easy to use and seems well built, I have yet to use the saline however. If your nasal passages are already swollen, be prepared for your ears to pop from the pressure. The Sinugator really is low pressure as advertised but it also has some force and will keep right on pumping even though it’s nozzle is blocked. Should it encounter blockage due to your swollen nasal canal, it can cause some unpleasant pressure and make your ears “pop”. You can also blow your nose with the free nostril while the Sinugator is helping, but only if you don’t have too much blockage. Your ears will REALLY pop if you blow while blocked (swollen canal). Blowing while irrigating will stop the flow and may cause some backwash into the device, but you are the only one who is going to be using it, right?

One last suggestion I would add is to wear a bath towel like a bib or apron, your nose will be dripping for a little while even after blowing out the excess water. Don’t make the mistake that I did and leave your shirt or blouse uncovered, people will crinkle their noses when they see the long snot trails that have dripped down your front! 🙂

NeilMed Sinugator_48

It breaks down and is able to fit into the small little net bag complete with saline packets, just add your own water. I have yet to take it with me outside of the house but I do get dosed outside too, so it will come in handy when that happens. It is rather loud so you won’t be able to hide while using it, people will look and stare. I don’t care, just another opportunity to hand them a blog card explaining why I am doing what I am doing. If in a touristy area and they want to film it, so much the better.

front of Poisoned By Giftgas biz card design #4


FDA logo_2015-03-21_221906


Little teapots with long spouts have become a fixture in many homes for reasons that have nothing to do with tea.

Called neti pots, they are used to rinse the nasal passages with a saline (salt-based) solution, and have become popular as a treatment for congested sinuses, colds and allergies, and for moistening nasal passages exposed to dry indoor air.

However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has concerns about the risk of infection tied to the improper use of neti pots and other nasal rinsing devices. The agency is informing consumers, manufacturers and health care professionals about safe practices for using all nasal rinsing devices, which include bulb syringes, squeeze bottles, and battery-operated pulsed water devices.

These devices are generally safe and useful products, says Steven Osborne, M.D., a medical officer in FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). But they must be used and cleaned properly.

Most important is the source of water that is used with nasal rinsing devices. Tap water that is not filtered, treated, or processed in specific ways is not safe for use as a nasal rinse.

Some tap water contains low levels of organisms, such as bacteria and protozoa, including amoebas, which may be safe to swallow because stomach acid kills them.  But these “bugs” can stay alive in nasal passages and cause potentially serious infections, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Improper use of neti pots may have caused two deaths in 2011 in Louisiana from a rare brain infection that the state health department linked to tap water contaminated with an amoeba called Naegleria fowleri.

Misleading, Missing Information

Information included with the device might give more specific instructions about its use and care. However, FDA staff has found that some manufacturers’ instructions provide misleading or contradictory information, or lack any guidelines.

For example, some manufacturers have recommended using plain tap water; others warn against using it in printed directions, but show its use in pictures or videos.

The device might also come without instructions. If you order a custom neti pot made by an artist, for example, that person might assume you know how to use it.

The procedure for nasal rinsing may vary slightly by device, but generally involves these steps:

  • Leaning over a sink, tilt your head sideways with your forehead and chin roughly level to avoid liquid flowing into your mouth.
  • Breathing through your open mouth, insert the spout of the saline-filled container into your upper nostril so that the liquid drains through the lower nostril.
  • Clear your nostrils, then repeat the procedure, tilting your head sideways, on the other side.

Nasal rinsing can remove dirt, dust, pollen and other debris, as well as help to loosen thick mucus. It can also help relieve nasal symptoms of allergies, colds and flu.

“The nose is like a car filter or home air filter that traps debris. Rinsing the nose with saline solution is similar to using saline eye drops to rinse out pollen,” Osborne says. The saline, he adds, enables the water to pass through delicate nasal membranes with little or no burning or irritation.

FDA staff recommends that you consult a health care provider or pharmacist if the instructions do not clearly state how to use the device or the types of water to use, if instructions are missing, or if you have any questions.

Questions and Answers

What types of water are safe to use in nasal rinsing devices?

  • Distilled or sterile water, which you can buy in stores.  The label will state “distilled” or “sterile.”
  • Boiled and cooled tap water—boiled for 3-5 minutes, then cooled until it is lukewarm. Previously boiled water can be stored in a clean, closed container for use within 24 hours.
  • Water passed through a filter with an absolute pore size of 1 micron or smaller, which traps potentially infectious organisms. CDC has information on selecting these filters, which you can buy from some hardware and discount stores, or online.

How do I use and care for my device?

  • Wash and dry hands.
  • Check that the device is clean and completely dry.
  • Use the appropriate water as recommended above to prepare the saline rinse, either with the prepared mixture supplied with the device, or one you make yourself.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions for use.
  • Wash the device with distilled, sterile, or boiled and cooled tap water, and then dry the inside with a paper towel or let it air dry between uses.

Are nasal rinsing devices safe for children?

Some children are diagnosed with nasal allergies as early as age 2, Osborne says, and could use nasal rinsing devices at that time, if a pediatrician recommends it. However, he adds that very young children might not tolerate the procedure as easily as would older children or adults.

What are some negative effects to watch out for when using nasal rinsing devices?

Talk to your health care provider to determine if nasal rinsing will be safe or effective for your condition. If symptoms are not relieved or worsen after nasal rinsing, then return to your health care provider, especially if you had any of these symptoms while using the nasal rinse:

  • fever
  • nosebleed
  • headaches

FDA asks health care professionals and patients to report complaints about nasal rinsing devices to the FDA’s MedWatch Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program.

This article appears on FDA’s Consumer Updates page, which features the latest on all FDA-regulated products.

Posted Aug. 23, 2012; Reviewed Sept. 4, 2013